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Thursday 13 November 2014

Car Accident!?! Steps to follow after and Accident

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What to do at the scene of an AUTO ACCIDENT...

Car Accident!?! Steps to follow after and Accident

1) STOP immediately, but do not obstruct traffic.
2) ASSIST injured. Have someone call police. 
Repeat after 5 minutes.
3) SECURE names, phone numbers, addresses 
of other drivers, witnesses, injured persons.

4) SECURE make, model & license numbers of 
all cars involved.

5) If possible, take pictures of the scene, showing 
position of cars and other details.
6) DON’T hastily accept claim settlement at the scene 
of the accident.
7) REMAIN calm, courteous and consistent in your 
version of the accident.
8) ALWAYS REMEMBER: You have the right to have 
your vehicle repaired at the collision repair center of 
YOUR CHOICE regardless of the insurance company.